Presenting his new album, Oscar resumes his adventures around the Mediterranean with “Isthmus”. Developing his prior explorations of the musical textures of the Iberian, Balkan and Anatolian peninsulas, Isthmus takes a step towards connecting these sound-worlds through musical land bridges. And of course, his quartet colleagues contribute their own talents to this unique signature. Slovenian bassist Marko Ferlan provides depth and stability, Valencian percussionist Carlos Ronda incorporates many Latin American rhythmic styles in his art, and Viennese guitarist Rainer Maria Nero explores outwards from his musical basis in flamenco. All of this entwines whimsically with the sounds of the Orient, Balkans and Levante – the eastern edge of this imagining.

Concerning this eastern edge, Isthmus showcases an impressive line-up of guest artists, including Kurdish singer Sakîna Teyna, flamenco dancer Marco de Ana, Persian guitar wizard Mahan Mirarab, Serbian accordionist Miloš Todorovski, Austrian pianist Marco Annau, Turkish violinist Efe Turumtay, hurdy-gurdy experimentalist Matthias Loibner and Greek singer Alexia Chrysomalli from Thessaloniki, who adds an enchanting Greco-Macedonian chanson to the CD with Vardar Dreams. Throughout these exhilarating compositions that span continents in their musical diversity, Oscar does not forget his adopted home of Vienna, evidenced by the Ottakringer Blues and the homage to Vienna’s 13A bus route which links the city’s districts.



Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz and Modern Music Studies at the Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC) and a Master's degree in Turkish Music at the Codarts Rotterdam University of the Arts, I am orbiting between these two styles of music, writing and playing compositions inspired by the Mediterranean musical cultures.

Born in Tortosa (Iberian Peninsula) I am a Vienna-based artist and have had the chance to play in some Jazz Festivals, such as the ones in Tokyo, Athens, Bergen, Tangier, Aarhus, Maastricht, Südtirol, Scarborough, etc. And some of the projects I am playing with are:


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