"Peninsulas" is the first work by Oscar Antoli Quartet, as the name already suggests, transports us on a melodic journey through three peninsulas: Iberia, the Balkans and Anatolia. Inspired by the history and cultures of the Mediterranean, the original compositions are distinguished by eclecticism and connection and aim to rebuild a lost bridge between the music of its eastern and western coasts.

Hailing from across Europe and from a wide range of musical backgrounds, the musicians of the Quartet create a diverse and unifying sound, aimed to conjure up images and recollections of people, lives and far away lands. Mild, yet jovial tunes, paced oddly but exquisitely by the balkan-jazz drum beat, with the flamenco guitar strumming its subtly romantic presence, the bass murmuring peacefully and the clarinet and kaval proudly heralding its presence throughout this bucolic and all-embracing journey.

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Carlos Ronda - Percussion
Marko Ferlan - E-Bass
Rainer Maria Nero – Guitar
Oscar Antoli - Clarinet and Kaval.



Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz and Modern Music Studies at the Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC) and a Master's degree in Turkish Music at the Codarts Rotterdam University of the Arts, I am orbiting between these two styles of music, writing and playing compositions inspired by the Mediterranean musical cultures.

Born in Tortosa (Iberian Peninsula) I am a Vienna-based artist and have had the chance to play in some Jazz Festivals, such as the ones in Tokyo, Athens, Bergen, Tangier, Aarhus, Maastricht, Südtirol, Scarborough, etc. And some of the projects I am playing with are:


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